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Setting up your Email to win

We recommend using Google Business Apps for checking mail this is a paid service but it streamlines your workflow and really becomes a great home base for email, documents and collaborative files. Launchbay Creative can help you set this up and integrate your webmail...

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To Infinity and Beyond!

Mission Report Since the inception of Launchbay Creative in February, we have launched 9 websites! (Don't know what Launchbay Creative is, read more) We have been working with brand new startups and people who are passionate about their brands. We have loved working...

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Greetings Earthlings

Hello Friends, Jeremiah here with some big news! I would like to announce the birth of my new company Launchbay Creative! The goal of this digital marketing and creative agency is to help people launch their dreams through the web, video and other creative outlets. I...

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