Why You Should Be Using The Divi WordPress Theme

Posted on January 15, 2018 by Jeremiah

Why You Should Be Using The Divi WordPress Theme

by Web Design

Looking for the perfect WordPress Theme for 2019?


In this article I’m going to share with you 4 reasons you should be using the Divi WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes to run your website in 2019!

Let me tell you a story…

About 8 years ago I started building websites as a side hustle for a few close friends and family members. I was a graphic designer and a “techy” person, so somehow I just fell into it.

One day while trying to figure out how to do something that should have been really easy, I realized “Oh, I actually hate building websites…” But I loved design.

I was torn… I thought that maybe building websites wasn’t worth the trouble, that maybe I needed to find another side job because it was making me miserable.

I was right in the middle of building a site for a friend when this sad revelation happened and I had no choice but to barrel through and get the site done so I could hang up my proverbial website cape for good.

But then something incredible happened… I found out about Divi a WordPress theme from Elegant Themes and something unexpectedly wonderful happened… I fell utterly and hopelessly in love.

As I dove into the vast ocean that was Divi, I realized these theme developers just “got it.” They cracked the code (literally) and figured out the most beautiful back-end visual builder I’d ever seen. I started building pages 3x times faster. The designs in my head were actually coming out on the screen. Before I felt like I was running against the current in 3ft water with jeans on… but now… now I was flying like a hawk on a spring day’s crisp air.

This was 8 years ago and since then Divi’s only gotten better!

So here’s…

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Be Using Divi For Your Website In 2019!



More often than not one developer will build a custom theme for a client and then sell that theme somewhere like Envato. They’ll support the theme for a while, but once the need to develop a new theme for their next client comes around, they usually abandon maintaining updates for that theme and focus on their next theme and so on. So if you have a problem with your theme… you’re kind of stuck scrounging around on the internet through random forums hoping someone else has had the same problem and found a fix. Can you say “headache”?>?!

At Elegant Themes, there is an entire team built around the future of their flagship theme Divi. The team is constantly making improvements and updates. So the theme is not just staying great but it’s evolving daily & they have a huge support team dedicated to helping you if you do have problems.


One of the scariest/most cumbersome experience with websites is coding and all that can go wrong in that process. Elegant Themes has created a visual builder that not only makes building pages easy but with their intuitive builder it truly allows you to design creatively. It unlocks creativity.



Elegant Themes has been around for 8 years and since then a number of Facebook groups have been formed with great members all united to help Divi users succeed with their own personal sites and even smaller web development companies. You’ll often find that if you ask a question to the group not only will it be answered but sometimes a helpful member will write a code snippet for your individual need!



There are a vast amount of resources to learn everything you need on the Divi theme and it’s growing every day! Here is a list of our favorite and most frequently used Divi resources!

Elegant Themes Blog – For daily tips, tricks & tutorials on Divi and other great WordPress practices.
Divi Documentation – For finding specific answers to Divi questions.
Elegant Themes YouTube Channel – For weekly tutorials, how to’s & to get updates and behind the scenes looks at future feature releases.
Divi Theme Users & Divi Web Designers Facebook Groups to get help from the wonderful community.
Divi Chat – To hear some of the pro’s talk shop.

A Little Bit About Elegant Themes


So What Next?

If you’d like to get Divi you can sign up by clicking the button below, it’ll give us a small commission and you may even get a little discount by going through us! (Depending on when they’re running promos)

Alternatively, If you’d like to build your site with Divi but want to fast track the process with some creative developers that already know how to fire up a Divi website in no time at all CONTACT US so we can help you build your dream website!

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