A beginners guide to launching your dreams

April 29, 2016


A beginners guide to launching your dreams

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I suspect that many of us often have great ideas, but how many of those ideas actually come to fruition? When I am sitting around a dinner table or hanging out with friends I hear people say, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we did this…” or “Why hasn’t anyone done this yet?” but the next time I see those same people, I don’t hear them talking about how they did those things. So, in the interest of adding awesome new things to the world, I’d like to share with you some secrets to starting one of your brilliant ideas!

To start something we must stop one thing.

We have to stop doubting ourselves. I have friends who have great ideas, they want to start blogs, they want to host interesting events or parties, they want to create lifestyle brands, but am I reading their blogs, wearing their new T-Shirts or enjoying their new ideas? No. Why? because they don’t believe in themselves or are too scared what others think, or too scared to fail. Do you know who didn’t care about failing? Thomas Edison. This is one of my favorite quotes of all time.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

~ Thomas A. Edison

What a brilliant way to look at not reaching your goal. When we first learn how to ride a bike, most of us fall down, but we get back up and try again till we learn. Why don’t we take the same approach when trying out new ideas? Take Apple for instance because let’s face it, you’re probably reading this article on a device that Apple created! But what version is that iPhone, iPad or Mac? I personally have an iPhone 6 with IOS 9, that means that Apple has built 6 or more phones and each one has gone through many stages of development! This means they’re not waiting for their idea to be perfect, but rather launching it and gradually perfecting each new iteration along the way. And like Edison, they’re one of the largest companies with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet and they are still in the finding 10,000 ways that their idea won’t work.

Just get it out there!

So how to do you launch your dream? This may sound simple, but just go out and do it. Do something to make it real. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, nothing ever is, just get it out there and improve upon it every day. Imagine if Steve Jobs hadn’t pushed technology and tried to improve it a little bit everyday, we’d probably all have Microsoft phones right now! (yikes, to live in that world!)

Launching dream in 3… 2… 1…

Here are 3 super practical ways for launching your dream today!

Change your atmosphere

Get out of the house, go to a new environment where you can begin to develop your dream. Go to Starbucks and grab some coffee and bring a notebook or something to jot down ideas. Go somewhere with less distraction than your house, although a little distraction and an environment with a little going on is fine, but you want to let your mind wander and drift to be creative. Don’t think you have to lock yourself in a room with no windows! Get comfy and get creative!

1 Hour a Week

Once you have your new creative incubator, dedicate one hour a week to get away and work on whatever your idea is. How many hours do you waste a week on a TV show you could probably live without or cat YouTube videos you could probably do without. Schedule coffee with a friend at 7pm but get there at 6pm to work on your idea so you can’t cancel, then when your friend gets there, share your idea with them. Now you’ve made it real by working on it for 1 hour and shared it with a friend!

Daily Reminder

Do something that will remind you daily about your dream. Write a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or download a new note taking app and make sure it’s next to one of your main apps like Instagram or iMessage so you always get reminded of your idea.
I’d like to share with you 2 of my favorite applications for ideas and note taking that are free and great for gathering ideas and notes!

Evernote is actually what I’m using to write this blog in right now, I can do all sorts of things like tagging notes with a category, putting in a reminder for this note to finish it up tomorrow or sharing it directly for collaborative purposes like so!

Trello is my LIFE! Just image if a spreadsheet and Pinterest had a baby… you can attach just about anything to a “Card” which is the core item for a to-do or idea. I’ve planned events with tons of logistics, managed creative projects and archived my most used resources for shooting videos, managing social media, etc. What I love about Trello is that it is collaborative. My partner, Steve, and I have a few “Boards” for our different Launchbay projects and it keeps us insanely organized for all that we have going on.
Thanks for reading and we hope this has helped inspired you to LAUNCH YOUR DREAMS! Feel free to subscribe to our monthly newsletter where we share super rad resources to help everyone from small start ups to savvy entrepreneurs.

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