Top 5 Signs You Need a New Website

March 2, 2017


Top 5 Signs You Need a New Website

Let’s be honest… it’s time to shake things up!

Nothing lasts forever, and that is especially true about a website. These days, if you own a company, there’s a lot more to having a site than simply having one. Over time, you should give it an overhaul for a number of reasons. Even something as simple as changing the design of your website can give it a much needed boost. However, you can take things even further than that and get an entirely new website. Here are the top five signs you need a new site.

You Can’t Easily Make Updates

If you can’t easily make updates, then it’s time for a change. There is no longer a need to hand code everything for a website these days as there are many options of content management systems (CMS) available. These are easy to install, easy to use, and have straight-forward user interfaces. Using a CMS allows you to be in control of your content.

Your Site Isn’t Mobile Responsive

These days, everything is going mobile, including websites. Everyone is on the go, so they may prefer browsing right from their smartphone or tablet. Additionally, in some parts of the world, the only way people get Internet access is through their mobile devices. With that said, if your site doesn’t work well on a mobile device, it’s definitely time to start over with a new page and new web design.

It’s Been a While Since Any Changes

A site that hasn’t seen any changes in some time just gets stale after a while. It can cause potential site visitors to steer clear, or even worse, lead to regular viewers to growing bored and ultimately avoiding your site. Making changes in the form of an overhaul, new web design, blogpost, or an entirely new site altogether, can really shake things up and make your page interesting again.

No Mailing List/Lead Magnets

Mailing lists, such as MailChimp, are essential for any good company site. They allow you to send email blasts about your products or services to your customers and keep them up to date and interested. This is an especially good idea when people may have abandoned your site, as it can recapture their interest if they receive an email about a new and exciting product.

Not Blogging

Blogs help sites to gain people’s interest. However, a truly effective blogpost serves a dual purpose because it grabs viewers’ interest and helps to boost SEO (search engine optimization), which makes your site easier to find in an online search. Add a few essential keywords into your blogpost and you will find that your site’s traffic has increased to an impressive degree. Regular blogs will also keep people interested and have them checking back for more.

Overall, if you find that your website falls under any of these categories, it’s time to shake things up. Use these tips and you will be rewarded as your hits grow and your company flourishes.

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